Diamond Care Tips

Diamond is the hardest substance known to man. It is a brilliant, sparkling, and durable gem but it is also a magnet for grease. If you wear your diamonds every day, soap, cosmetics, skin oils, and lotions tend to build up and can form a film that dulls a diamond’s lively sparkle.


To clean your diamonds yourself, soak diamonds in a solution of water, detergent, and ammonia.  Then scrub gently with a soft brush.  Put the jewelry in a fine wire strainer and rinse under warm running water.  The strainer prevents diamonds from slipping down the drain.


To keep your diamonds looking their best they should be cleaned regularly. The safest way is to let us do it for you using a high powered steam bath made specifically for cleaning gems and jewelry. That way we can also make sure prongs or other settings are not weak or loose.